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The Psychological Association of the Philippines engages in various outreach activities involving its members. One of the groups active in this endeavor is the Mental Health and Psychosocial Services (MHPSS) Special Interest Group (SIG). At different times, different partnerships and task forces were organized to address specific community services.


Jan 17 & 18 - Enabling Resilience & Recovery

Venue: UP Tacloban Conference Hall Coordinator: Weng Guiao (iska83@yahoo.com)

Jan 23 & 24 - Trauma Memory Restructuring

Venue: University of Sto Tomas (UST) Coordinator: Claudette Agnes (caagnes@yahoo.com)

February 2014

  • Brought together experts from different fields and different regions in the country in order to come up with modules to be used all over the country for Resilience and Recovery. A very rough draft of the first set of KATATAGAN modules was developed by the end of the 3-day workshop.
  • PAP members were deployed to Leyte in order to conduct PFA and PSP to hundreds of teachers and students in the area.
  • Partnered with Dr Lynn Waelde of Palo Alto University. She provided a talk on Mindfulness for the Counselor to about 70 members of the PAP.

March 2014

  • The KATATAGAN module was further refined then sent out to the members of the core group for further enhancement and refinement.
  • Provided information to Mr Alfred Mutiti, consultant of WHO, regarding the drafting of national guidelines fo psychosocial support
  • In partnership with the Information and Computer Department of Ateneo, plans regarding the development of an APP to monitor the psychosocial activities (intervention, training, therapy, psychoeducation, etc) of the PAP members were finalized.
  • Provided a talk on PFA and other Psychosocial Interventions to members of the Philippine Mental Health Association

April 2014

  • Met up with Becky Galvez-Tan of Health Futures Inc (HFI) in order to partner with them in their mission to provide medical and psychological support to the communities in Samar. Volunteers to the HFI were asked to conduct the modules developed by members of the MHPSS SIG. These volunteers attended a 1-day training regarding the proper conduct of the modules.
  • The KATATAGAN module was further refined and then translated to the local language. Evaluation tools were likewise developed in order to measure the effectiveness of the modules in delivering its objectives.

May 2014

  • In partnership with Ateneo, 2 Interns were deployed (1 in Tacloban and the other in Zamboanga) in order to conduct the pilot run of the KATATAGAN modules.
  • Presented a talk on Resilience and Recovery for the members of UNESCO-APNIEVE during the Annual Conference
  • Presented a talk on PFA for the members of UNESCO-APNIEVE during the Annual Conference
  • Partnered with Save the Children and developed modules for parenting education sessions. Provided a TOT for facilitators of these sessions as well
  • The first batch of HFI-PAP volunteers conducted the Katatagan modules in Samar.

June 2014

  • The second and third batches of the HFI-PAP volunteers conducted the Katatagan modules in Samar.
  • The two interns who conduct pilot runs of the KATATAGAN modules returned to Ateneo with their feedbacks and suggestions. The modules have thus far, been simplified and revised in order to accommodate the recommendations of the interns.

July 2014

  • The 4th and 5th batches of the HFI-PAP volunteers shall be conducting the Katatagan modules in Samar.
  • Final touches are being done on the PAP APP: PAP SERVE

August 2014

  • Presentation of two symposia during the PAP Conference
  • Enabling Resilience and Recovery
  • Multiple Types of Disaster Interventions
  • Launch of the PAP APP: PAP SERVE

On behalf of my Psych colleagues and our Psych students, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the ADMU Psych Dept and the entire PAP for all the help that you extended to us after our Yolanda experience.

We, the faculty members, are touched by your show of support and we are happy to report that we are continuing our postdisaster healing and recovery efforts both within and outside UP Tacloban.

PAP Response to Disasters

Centers/Clinics Offering free service for Yolanda Survivors

PAP Training Materials and Handouts

Psychosocial Support Materials


Through your generosity, we can stand prepared for disasters. We appreciate your continuous and unwavering support. Thank you